Flower Power

A Spring wander in the San Francisco Botanical Garden (the erstwhile Strybing Arboretum), in meso-American cloud forests, temperate Asian glades, and of course, among the California climactic natives. If you were an ancient Roman you might call it “Rus in Urbe,” but then again, you might not.

On the Berlin-Warsaw Express

Over twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and over six decades since 1945, you still know that there is something different about traveling east from Germany. Instead of a thick network of high-speed rail binding Frankfurt to Paris, and Cologne to Amsterdam, modern state-of-the-art train routes are nearly nonexistent across the easternContinue reading “On the Berlin-Warsaw Express”

F Train to Castro Street

The Eureka Valley/Castro neighborhood was a quintessential ‘streetcar suburb’ a century ago, and it still is today. On the sunnier side of the Twin Peaks divide, and with a straight-shot, ten-minute transit connection to downtown jobs (when the trains show up, that is), the neighborhood thrived on the development of city infrastructure. The 1918 TwinContinue reading “F Train to Castro Street”

Changing Gears: San Francisco Stairway Walk

A ramble up and down the hills and streets of my neighborhood, with sociable cats, Burning Man patrol jeeps, a 4/20 rally, and more. I’m filing this under Travel even though I probably didn’t get a mile from my house. In the slideshow below, we’re basically going to wander up Beaver Street out of theContinue reading “Changing Gears: San Francisco Stairway Walk”

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