Changing Gears: Biking the ‘Other’ San Francisco Bridge

Regular readers may have noticed that on weekends we switch things up a bit and report on local San Francisco activities, travel, and culture. I call these posts “Changing Gears”. Today we’re going to do the ‘quintessential Bay Area tour’: biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and back to the City via ferry. IContinue reading “Changing Gears: Biking the ‘Other’ San Francisco Bridge”

Changing Gears: Un après-midi dans le Port du St-François

A Bastille Day tour of the small area of San Francisco where a bit of France still survives. It’s more of a ‘corner’ than a ‘quarter’ but you can drink your Lillet and bask in the sun and watch le beau monde go by nonetheless.

Changing Gears: From SFO to the Sea

On this hike we’ll climb up to the windy ridge where, in 1769, Spanish conquistadores first discovered San Francisco International Airport. Imagine their excitement when they realized they could simply fly back to Mexico City with news of their discovery, the greatest harbor on the West Coast of North America, with connections to dozens ofContinue reading “Changing Gears: From SFO to the Sea”

F Train to Castro Street

The Eureka Valley/Castro neighborhood was a quintessential ‘streetcar suburb’ a century ago, and it still is today. On the sunnier side of the Twin Peaks divide, and with a straight-shot, ten-minute transit connection to downtown jobs (when the trains show up, that is), the neighborhood thrived on the development of city infrastructure. The 1918 TwinContinue reading “F Train to Castro Street”

Changing Gears: Sonoma Coast Survey

The Russian River in Sonoma County, California, has entertained everyone from Russian trappers to California ranchers to gay summer refugees from foggy San Francisco. The site of the southernmost Russian settlement in the Americas, Fort Ross, is just to the north, giving the Russian River its name.

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