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    The Semiotics of Branding

    Is a brand a sign, or is it the destination? Or is it both? Or is it something greater than either one? How you answer that question may well depend on where you sit professionally,  in-house in a product or sales group, as a strategist or communications expert in or outside the organization, or at…

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    Sending the Right Message

    If the brand is the message, content strategy is how it gets delivered:  the sum total of the activities to enhance the written and spoken expression of a company’s brand. The term ‘content strategy’ is best known in its digital context: the structuring, development, and management of content for websites and digital applications. However, in…

  • A Summer Vacation Home Movie

    A seven-minute tour through Berlin, Bavaria, and Alsace, with scenes from France after the 2018 World Cup win–the day after Bastille Day! Enjoy.

  • Golden Prague

    A short afternoon tour of the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral built by Charles IV, the Golden Lane and the secret film archive, and the Malá Strana…

  • Jewish Berlin

    In the old Scheunenviertel of Berlin’s Mitte, surprising survivors of Berlin’s Jewish past–and markers of the future.