Why B2B Needs Branding

“Brands” in the most frequently understood sense of the term (especially among laypeople) refer to well-known, everyday consumer products (often including the companies that make them). From surveys like, “What brand of toothpaste do you use? What brand of car do you drive? (Or maybe: What brand of cigarettes do you smoke when no one is looking?), a brand, and the value of one, would appear to largely sit in the B2C, business-to-consumer space.

So why would branding be relevant to a business-to-business product or service?

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Why B2B Needs Content

It’s clear why business-to-consumer companies are frequently also ‘content’ companies. Telling a meaningful story about a product or service requires a narrative everyone can follow and engage with. Does a software or technology firm need to do this? Don’t they just need to showcase the technology and let their readers put it together themselves? And can a technology, tool, or component many end users never see in the finished product really be a ‘story’?

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Turkish Delights

Scenes from a wonderful week in one of the world’s greatest cities–and one that will be increasingly more important as the bridge across cultures it has always been. Here are some of the places I saw (with links to Wikipedia articles):


Istiklal Avenue

Topkapi Palace

The Harem

The Golden Horn

The Bosporus

The Sea of Marmara

Hagia Sophia

The Blue Mosque

The Hippodrome (Sultanahmet)

Little Hagia Sophia

The Grand Bazaar

The Spice Bazaar

The Theodosian Walls

Saint Saviour in Chora

And now–the pics!