Changing Gears: The People’s Bridge

While not a branding story (at least not yet!), the new East Span of the Bay Bridge, which opened two weeks ago, is a signature accomplishment. Herewith a tour of the new bike and walking path, which will (one day) connect San Francisco and the East Bay. Gorgeous and highly recommended, with two caveats: first, you’re not on the north, Marin-facing side (as I and many thought) but rather the south side of the span, and second, that means you’re mostly looking at the not-yet-demolished older structure. However, once the old section comes down, the path will be even more spectacular.

How to get there? Easy. Just take MacArthur BART to Oakland, then ride over to Pixar Studios (like you always do), then jog left to IKEA. Bike path starts from the parking lot. Expect lots of California Highway Patrol bike cops, families, and fellow riders on your four mile trip to the heart of San Francisco Bay.

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