Washington DC, It’s Paradise to Me

Of course the Magnetic Fields song makes clear that it’s not the museums, memorials, and monuments that makes you want to come back, but they are pretty spectacular, nonetheless. Herewith random scenes from a long Fourth of July weekend in the US capital (ostensible purpose was book research, but there was plenty of time for cultural exploration).

From a central base at the Dupont Circle Hotel, I was able to visit the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Capitol (at least the gift shop), the Rock Creek Cemetery (paying respects to Gore Vidal), Congressional Cemetery (maybe paying respects isn’t the right word, but that’s where Hoover lies now), and the various museums and sights along the National Mall. I even had time for an afternoon in Alexandria, Virginia, where, on the wall at Christ Church, I learned that one ‘should not covet one’s neighbor’s ass’. The DOMA of the eighteenth century?

And of course, capping off the weekend, the gustatory pleasures of half-smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl. If the District could just fix that summer heat and humidity problem…


3 thoughts on “Washington DC, It’s Paradise to Me

  1. Isn’t DC wonderful? I spent two days there about eight years ago and fell in love with the city. Two days felt like a tease, as there was so much to do. I look forward to going back. Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  2. Sean, I love Washington. Ten years ago I was strolling down the hallway of the National Museum and passed Christo and Jeanne-Claude. I was stunned. I was shopping at Dean and Delucca in Georgetown, looked up and a man was holding up a cashier. Got his money, said “thanks” and fled. I’ve never experienced that in New York, Chicago, or LA!

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