Changing Gears: San Francisco Stairway Walk

A ramble up and down the hills and streets of my neighborhood, with sociable cats, Burning Man patrol jeeps, a 4/20 rally, and more. I’m filing this under Travel even though I probably didn’t get a mile from my house. In the slideshow below, we’re basically going to wander up Beaver Street out of the Castro District, climb the summit of the Corona Heights hill, zig zag our way over to Upper Market, take in the view of the Pacific, and clamber back down again.

Walk inspired by Adah Bakalinsky’s Stairway Walks in San Francisco.

3 thoughts on “Changing Gears: San Francisco Stairway Walk

  1. I am Buzz guardian and every once in awhile do an internet search to see where he shows up. This is great!

  2. Gracious, he is. You have made it onto his facebook page, Buzz Saturn. If you havent been in awhile, we have completed more work on rehabbing the stairway. I think it is looking much better than it was. Do return someday; I imagine Buzz will be there to greet you.

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