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Christmastime in Yosemite

Mountains are magical places. Throw in a lovely train ride along San Francisco Bay and the Central Valley, the first stirrings of Christmas, and an overnight storm that turned the park into a remake of "Frozen", and your spirits will be fully primed for the season.

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Shhhh! It’s OK to be German (Again).

History is rarely this tidy. Exactly one hundred years after Kaiser Wilhelm gave Austria his famous ‘blank check’ in 1914, Mario Götze kicks the decisive goal to win the 2014 World Cup for Germany. The media on both sides of the Atlantic respond: a century of tarnished national identity, absolved in an instant! Or is it even more surprising that we still think in terms of nineteenth-century ‘national identities’?

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An Ireland Odyssey

Here is the secret to visiting Ireland: go West, young traveler. While Dublin is the almost unavoidable gateway to the country (a role it’s been playing since the Vikings first set up camp on the River Liffey), it’s only when you’re safely past Heuston Station that you begin to feel you might indeed be in a very different land.

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California Underground: Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery

Think of it as LinkedIn, Six Feet Under: the Olmsted-designed Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Let’s see who we can dig up, so to speak…

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Is AutoCorrect Destroying the English Language?

You’ve seen them. Typos and strange words in the New York Times, in the Wall Street Journal, and Politico. These are all publications that should know better. Yet nonetheless, sprouting like weeds, they’re there. Sentences that have an odd ring, Word choices that don’t fit. What’s going on here?

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Of Peanuts and Personas

Does our understanding of brand and user personas derive, at least partly, from the classic personality archetypes we read about as kids? Even the names you see in a typical customer segmentation, such as “Sally Social Media” and the like, suggest a possible source: Peanuts characters.

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A Brief History of Content Strategy

A trip across the ages from the beginnings of content strategy to the present. We’ll start all the way back when tablets were, well, tablets…

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Context Is the Query: Rethinking Content and Search

By combining search and browsing history with geographic and other spatial information, mobile devices have greatly accelerated the ability of our favorite applications and websites to predict, suggest, and refine responses to a query–or respond even when no overt query has been made. In other words, context itself has become the new query.

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What is California? Finding the Answers in Oakland.

The best generalist museum in the Bay Area is not, in fact, in San Francisco, but on the shores of Lake Merritt in Oakland. Not surprising, when you consider that Oakland, in a way of thinking, is the true center of the region.

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Strange Bedfellows: Social Media And the National Security State

Perhaps the last two trends we’d ever imagine converging are the decades-long path to individual self-expression via technology with the rise of mass surveillance via the national security state. But, on this auspicious fifth of November, we do well to remember how all this came to be.

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